Practicology's Amazon experience is backed by our parent company Pattern, the premier global Amazon partner to consumer brands. We provide a mixture of Amazon strategy and agency services to complement Pattern's model of buying stock and acting as the authorised Amazon seller for brands.

Amazon's dominant position for ecommerce sales in many markets means that every brand needs an Amazon strategy, whether it's to sell direct to Amazon, use an Amazon partner as your official seller, or to not list your products and try and compete through an added value direct to consumer proposition. We can help you define your Amazon strategy, and then execute whatever model or hybrid approach you choose to use. Read more about our?marketplace strategy services here.

For appropriate brands, we can buy your stock and be your authorised Amazon seller, taking care of every aspect of the listings and marketing of your products, customer service and logistics. See our Amazon Seller page for more details on how this model works.

For brands who wish to sell directly to Amazon we can also support with the operation of?your?Amazon Vendor account, either providing expert interim staff or through a service model. See our Amazon Agency page for more details on how support brands in this way.

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