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Digital team structure: is there an optimum model?

04.02.2020 - By Kerry Lee

Three key aspects to consider when deciding on your central digital team structure

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We deliver end-to-end digital retail consultancy, outsourced ecommerce and digital marketing services. Our practical advice and support is grounded by our real-world omnichannel retail experience, for optimal performance of web and store channels.

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How can I get more visitors to my site to actually spend money?

If you are getting plenty of traffic to your website, but your sales aren’t growing at the same rate, then it’s likely that changes to your site will help to grow your online sales.

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Are our current ecommerce systems good enough to support our future plans?

There can be many reasons why you need to ask this question – you may want to introduce multichannel services such as click and collect, be setting up localised international websites or launching completely new product categories or services. All these developments can place different demands on your existing systems.

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Where should we spend our digital marketing budget to maximise ROI?

The proliferation of options can make planning digital marketing activity a daunting prospect, particularly for our smaller clients. Although, by its nature, it is relatively easy to track the performance of digital marketing, businesses worry whether they are getting value for money and often see results start to slide if they stick with the same marketing mix for too long.

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Which international markets should we launch localised websites for?

The world is your oyster in ecommerce terms, but properly scoping international opportunities will decide whether you can make cross-border ecommerce profitable or not. Should you jump into China because the market is vast? Should you open your site to Australians and Americans as they speak the same language? Should you launch a single EU site or localised sites for each European country?

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Can you help us turn the data we have into insight that allows us to make better business decisions?

Retailers are rarely lacking data, but it has little value unless you can turn it into insight that helps you to make decisions that impact your top and bottom lines. Good businesses can do well with good guesses, but it takes great decisions to build a great business.

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