Our trading consultants have all been Ecommerce Managers;?and so we offer a unique service to run all, or part of, your online trading function. This can include making decisions on what you sell online, pricing and promotions, online visual merchandising and digital marketing.

Practicology’s outsourced ecommerce team can act as your Head of Ecommerce or whole ecommerce department, either with a single dedicated resource, or employing the skills of several consultants to match your requirements. Whether you are a small business who does not have sufficient expertise in-house, a larger business looking for native-speaking ecommerce experts to accelerate international growth or simply have a gap in your own team due to personnel changes, we can support you.

At the core of our trading proposition we offer insight, decision-making and joined-up reporting. We analyse your trading performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and provide detailed reporting to senior stakeholders. Our consultants can also make tactical decisions on your behalf and manage their execution. Beyond this we manage all of the core services required to support the ecommerce trading activities, including acquisition, conversion, retention and measurement.

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