The strength of Amazon and the other international marketplaces such as Tmall means that every consumer product business needs a marketplace strategy.

Whether that strategy is to work with marketplaces, to compete against them or co-exist, the brands who are thriving in this modern digital era consider their position on marketplaces carefully and review it regularly.

We work with clients to utilise their own customer data, marketplace and wider market intelligence to inform their strategy. Because we don’t formally partner with any marketplace we take an agnostic view and can help you to assess all options.

Outcomes can include recommendations to place part of your product catalogue on a marketplace, or all product on a marketplace in certain geographies. Alternatively, we may recommend changes to your customer proposition to better compete with marketplaces who do not offer the customer experience or service levels your brand requires.

For those whose marketplace strategy is to trade via Amazon, Tmall or others, we can advise on best practice trading - including the growing marketplace advertising and sponsored results trend - and help you to find an appropriate marketplace management provider or trade partner.

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