Our digital due diligence service aims to help investors really understand the metrics and measures of current and future success for online and multichannel businesses.

We can help private equity and venture capital investors to properly assess the past performance and growth opportunities for online and multichannel sales channels, particularly when there are complicating factors; such as the potential to launch online in other markets or through third party online marketplaces.

The consumer websites that we directly trade, and the strategy projects that we deliver to retailers and consumer brands, informs digital due diligence advice we provide to investors. We work both independently, to gather insight on potential acquisitions, and more closely with investors and their potential acquisitions depending on the stage of the deal.

Confidentiality is assured when working with our digital due diligence practice, which is led by Practicology Director Jeremy Wilson, who is a qualified accountant with a background working for successful multichannel retailers including Tesco, John Lewis and Boden.

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