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What Western brands can learn from livestreaming in China

08.07.2020 - By Misha Pabari

We explain how livestreaming in China works and why it resonates in the Chinese market.

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We support consumer-focused brands both to develop direct digital relationships with their end customers, and to understand the digital performance of their retail channels to market. This can mean anything from advising on the creation of regional ecommerce hubs, supporting a direct to consumer site launch, executing their marketplace strategy or creating e-scorecards to assess the digital performance of their retail partners.

How We Can Help

How can we start selling direct-to-consumer online?

The internet gives brand owners the chance to have direct transactional relationships with consumers, often for the first time. But selling to consumers is quite different from managing wholesale accounts; so where do you start?

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Should we sell our products through Amazon and other marketplaces?

The volume of consumer traffic online marketplaces attract means retailers and brands increasingly question whether they need a presence on sites such as eBay, Amazon and Tmall among others.

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We need expert ecommerce skills to ramp up our digital capability - where can we find them?

The market for knowledgeable digital and ecommerce talent continues to move at pace. This can leave our clients with ecommerce skills gaps, and temporary requirements while they are trying to hire the right people for new or changing roles.

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Where should we launch localised direct-to-consumer websites and what should we sell?

For FMCGs in particular, certain brands or product ranges may be more appropriate to sell via a localised direct-to-consumer website than others. In addition, certain products may not be suitable to ship or sell online in certain markets.

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What's best practice when it comes to the design and experience on a transactional website?

Successful transactional website design has several important aspects. What looks the most visually innovative or appealing may not be the easiest for customers to use, and therefore may not maximise your conversion rate.

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