By Joanna Perry | Head of Marketing

Pattern, a top 10 Amazon seller specializing in helping brands to achieve massive ecommerce growth and marketplace control, has acquired UK-headquartered ecommerce consultancy Practicology. This acquisition is part of Pattern’s broader strategy to support brands with their international ecommerce growth and expansion.

“Breaking into international markets is among the most difficult things for brands to do,” said Pattern?CEO David Wright. “Adding Pattern’s industry-leading experts and expertise to our portfolio will further our goal to help ecommerce companies grow and protect their brands online.”

Together, Practicology and Pattern?will offer support to consumer brands and retailers who want to expand their ecommerce business globally. Practicology’s strategic guidance and outsourced ecommerce team model is matched by Pattern’s considerable expertise in selling and distributing on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Jet and others.

“Having spent time with the Pattern?team,” remarked Practicology’s Founder and Chairman, Martin Newman, “I am extremely confident in the cultural fit and complementary service offerings of our respective businesses. I am excited by the opportunity for Practicology’s clients to benefit from Pattern’s marketplace expertise, and for Pattern’s partners to further develop their international online propositions.”

Practicology has helped many brands to enter and optimize their ecommerce offerings in markets including the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, China, and Australia including: Pandora, Nike, and Skechers.

Pattern was recently named a fastest growing company by Inc. 500 and has grown to become a $200 million-plus business. Pattern?is one of Amazon’s top 10 sellers in the world, acting as the official reseller partner for dozens of brands including Skullcandy, Panasonic, Sylvania and others.?

About Pattern

Pattern is the world’s leading growth intelligence organization for ecommerce, offering a full suite of monitoring, compliance, sales, advertising, fulfillment and growth services for hundreds of customers across six continents. Pattern?operates multiple global distribution centers and is ranked among the top 10 Amazon sellers globally. For more information, visit

About Practicology

Practicology is a strategic digital consultancy founded in 2009 with offices in the UK, United Arab Emirates, China, Hong Kong, and Australia. Practicology’s mission is to help our retail and consumer brand clients around the world solve their digital and omnichannel challenges; ultimately to sell more and build profitable relationships with their customers. For more information, visit

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